Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often do we war?

Almost three times a week. We often war back-to-back but then sometimes take a day or two off. Schedules of key members sometimes cause delays.

I'm eager to join in wars. What do I need to do in order to be included?

We prefer to have new members sit out a war or two while we get to know them better, and they us. (1) During this time, participate in clan chat; feel free to ask questions. (2) Watch replays of some of the attacks other members make during the war(s) in which you do not participate.  (3) Share a replay or two of raid attacks you make against multiplayer opponents of strength similar to you, in which your result is 100% success. This will give elders confidence that you are qualified to war. (4) Lastly, make sure your 'clan war' preference is set to "I'M IN."  Access this by going to your profile and clicking on the "Clan Wars" button.

If you do all of the above and nothing happens, post your desire in clan chat.

In addition to asking members for advice, do you recommend any other sources for suggestions on base-building and war strategy?

Yes. While they're are numerous good sources, some of our favorites include videos uploaded to YouTube from a clan called OneHive. Go to YouTube and search their name.

In war, how do I know whom I'm supposed to attack?

It varies. Sometimes a leader will post specific assignments directed at individual members, either in clan chat or in clan mail (inbox), sometimes not.  Sometimes, mid-war, after many attacks have been made, a leader will offer new assignments or even change earlier ones. Sometimes a general direction will be given such as, "For your first attack, everyone attack down one level."  And sometimes, there may be no assignments made. In such a case, for your first attack, you should probably attack down one level or your 'mirror' (your opponent ranked at the same level as you). For your first attack, you should avoid attacking up any level, unless directed to do so by a leader. It is generally best to attack an opponent that you are confident will result in 3-stars. Choosing an opponent for your second attack becomes more complicated, because it depends on what enemy bases have already been 3-starred and which of your clan members still have attacks remaining to use.  Sometimes for a second attack you may have to either attack down many levels to 3-star an enemy that your fellow clan members have failed to totally destroy, or attack up multiple levels because that is all that is left. Remember that no matter what, you should make both your attacks.

When trying to poison the opponent's cc troops during a lure, the poison doesn't always work. Am I doing something wrong?

Probably. It is important to realize that when poisoning dragons and balloons, the target is NOT the drag or loon itself. Instead, if you look slightly below each, you will see a small, round black dot. The black dot is the drag's (or loon's) shadow. This shadow is the target! Often, people target the drag/loon itself and usually, by accident, successfully hit the shadow as well. But once in a while, if you're not aware of targeting the shadow, you may drop the poison a little high on the drag/loon and it will miss the shadow and not work. When this first happened to me, I didn't know what went wrong: a replay clearly showed that I hit the drag. It wasn't until someone else advised me about the shadow that I reviewed the replay again and saw that although I hit the drag, the poison drop was a little high and I missed the shadow, and the drag did not die.

What is a rushed base? 

This is probably somewhat subjective, but to me it mostly means:

1)        A  player, whose troops are substantially below the max level for his town hall (TH) level.  For example, max level possible for hogs at TH9 is level 5, but player has only level 3 hogs, which isn’t even max level for TH8 (which is hog level 4).  In other words, the player upgrades his TH level without first maxing all (critical*) troops for the TH level he is at.

*To me, critical troops are those that you mostly need for war or mostly use for raiding.  For example, critical troops for TH7 war are drags, for TH8 are hogs, and for TH9 are valks.  (These aren’t the only critical troops, which also include wiz and giants, and others.)

2)        A  player whose defense is ahead of this offense.  (Certain defensive pieces are, indeed, critical and should be maxed ASAP, such as Air Defense (AD).  However, some are not as vital, and because they significantly add to war weight, should be saved until all critical troops have been maxed at that level.  An example are xbows.) So a player who has most of his defensive pieces maxed at his TH level but whose offensive troops lag behind, is a rushed base in my mind.  Offensive almost always should take priority over defense.

Is a rushed base good?  No, it can be very detrimental to war pairings.

Please read main section called UPGRADE PRIORITIES.

What is war weight (WW) and why is it important?

When a clan goes to war, SuperCell uses a formula to calculate the average strength of those members a clan has placed in its war lineup.  It then tries to find another clan who is looking for war who has approximately the same average strength.  This makes sense.  Ideally, every clan should be warring against a comparable clan.

(The outcome isn’t always fair, but as often as we get paired with a stronger clan, we should be paired with a weaker one; so even though any given war may not be a equal match, it hopefully comes out close to even in the long run.)

The average strength of a clan’s lineup is sometimes called its average war weight.  As you would expect, the makeup of each participant member affects the clan’s average.  The stronger a member’s war weight, the higher his clan’s average.

Presumably everything about your base and army affects your war weight.  Which troops you have, the level of each troop, what defensive units you have, the level of each defensive unit, walls … everything. 

It would be nice to know exactly how the formula works, but although I’ve seen some statistics, I’m not sure how they are derived or how valid they might be.  (Remember, I am not a Clash expert as many people on the Internet seem to be.)

Maybe it’s folklore or unsubstantiated rumor, but some insight is sometimes cited.  For one, at TH9, laying down xbows is said to have a big bump on your war weight; therefore, it is often recommended that a new TH9 should delay getting xbows.  I have also heard rumors that unlocking witches is not advisable, unless you intend to use them significantly. 

The war-matching algorithm changed significantly in late 2017. In addition to the demise (in my experience) of war-engineered accounts, it's still somewhat unclear of other impacts the upgrade has produced.

What is a war-engineered base (WEB)?

In short, it is a base that severely lacks defense and instead has very strong offense. 

In most cases, it is easy to determine whether a base is a WEB or not.  However, there is some middle ground, based on exactly how much defense a base has.

An extreme example of a WEB is a TH11 with max troops and no defense other than perhaps some low-level cannon.  That’s right: no walls, no mortars, no WTs, no ATs, no teslas, no traps.  Only a few cannon, just strong enough to force raiders to deploy enough troops to provide a decent shield.  (Do such exist? Yes, I have one.)

A simply example of a base that is not a WEB is a base that has max defense for its TH level.

However, a base might have some defense and still be considered WEB.  This is not common, because anyone building a WEB usually goes to the extreme.  WEBs are not common, but more are starting to show up.

Is a WEB good?  Yes, with some limitations. NO

Not any more. One of the main reasons for the late 2017 algorithm change was to remove their advantage. Therefore, item #2 that follows is no longer true. I used to have extreme WEBs and have had to change them by adding/upgrading defense.

1)        Knowing that a WEB will be instantly killed in war, a clan cannot afford to include too many in any given lineup.  For example, assume the extreme in which case every base is a WEB.  The enemy would score a ‘perfect’ war.  Therefore, there cannot be too many in any war; perhaps no more than 20%; a clan needs some strong defense to stop the enemy.

2)        As I write this, the formula that SuperCell uses to match clans for war seems to focus more strongly on defense than offense.  Although I do not know the formula, mere observation leads me to this conclusion.  First, when I include a WEB in war, it fails to draw a TH of equal strength; for example, if a WEB is the only TH11 in my clan, I have yet to see the enemy have a base higher than TH10.  Also, the WEB will be ranked low; a severe WEB TH11 might be ranked before even some TH8s.  However, SuperCell may modify its formula at any time if they consider WEBs to be undesirable.  In which case, your WEB would suddenly be matched with non-WEBs with strong defense, and your clan would suffer.  You’d be in the position of having to spend a lot of time, not to mention a lot of gold and elixir, to get your defense up to par.  Thus it is a gamble.

I sometimes run across abbreviations that I don't understand. Is there a comprehensive list available?

There is probably no one source that includes everything. In addition, there are often variations of the same thing, and some fall out of favor and are no longer used. Following is just one sample list. Be aware that we know that it is not complete, as new phrases and abbreviations become popular. Nonetheless, it may be of help to you.

AD- air defense
AQ- archer queen
Arch- Archer
Bacon – Hog Rider
BAG - Barbarians, archers, goblins
Ballonians - balloons and minions
Balloonions - Ballons, minions
BAM- Barbarian, Archer, Minion
Barb- Barbarian
Barch- Barbarian, Archer (Attack Strategy)
BAWG - barbarians, archers, wallbreakers, goblins
BK- barbarian king
CC - clan castle
CW: Clan War
DE- Dark Elixir
DPS - Damage per Second
Drag - dragon
Dragoon – Dragon plus Balloons (Attack Strategy)
E- Elixir
Farmer - Someone who cares only about loot
Flatsville - Getting three starred
G- Gold
Gemmer: someone who uses a lot of gems
Gob- Goblin
GoVaPe (Golem, Valkarie, pekka)
GoWiPe (golem, wizards, pekka)
GoWiWi (Golem, wizards, witches)
GoWiWiPe (Golem, Wizards, witches, pekka)
HH- Heroic Heist
Hog- Hog rider
Hopper - someone who is generally annoying in a clan and then leaves
IMO -In my Opinion
Loon - Balloon
Loot - combined elixir, gold , and DE in a raid
MR.T- hog riders
MT- mortar
Ning - Lightning
Premmie - Someone who’s base is bad for their level.
Pusher - Someone who only cares about trophies
Purple – Elixir
Pushing: Trophy hunting
Rusher - someone who rushes his town hall
Splash Damage – Splash damage is when a defense such as mortars, and wizard towers, splashes the attack range with troops to make a whole group of troops lose health all at the same time. It is important to spread out your troops so mortars won't affect your troops all at once. Splash damage is extremely dangerous to Barbarians and Archers since they have a low amount of health.
TH - town hall
WB - wall breaker
Wiz- Wizard
WT- Wizard Tower
Zapping - Using lightning to hit a DE storage

Level 1 - Wooden
Level 2 - Stone
Level 3 - Smooth Stone
Level 4 - Iron
Level 5 - Golden
Level 6 - Pink Crystals
Level 7 - Purple Crystals
Level 8 - Skulls
Level 9 - Legos
Level 10 - Lavas
Level 11 - Technos/Zaps

Archer Queen - AQ/Dairy Queen
Archers - Hoes with bows/archs
Balloons - Loons/Balls
Barbarian King - BK/Burger King/Barn King
Barbarians - Barbs
Dragon - Drag
Goblins - Gobs
Golem - Rock
Healer - Angel
Heroes - Barbarian King + Archer Queen + Grand Warden
Hog Rider - Pigs/Mr T/Bacon/hogs
Lava Hound - Hound
Minion - Mini
Valkyrie - Valk
Wall Breakers - Wbs
Wizard - Wiz/Wizzie


Air Defense - AD
Air Sweeper – AS/Hair Dryer/Leaf Blower
Archer Tower - AT
Clan Castle - CC
Inferno Tower - Inferno or IT
Multi Inferno Tower - Disco Ball
Town Hall - TH
Wizard Tower - WT
X-Bow - Crossbow


Balloonian/Miniball - Balloons + Minions
BAM - Barbarians + Archers + Minions
Barch - Barbarian + Archer
CB LavaLoon - Coldblooded Lavaloon (lavaloon with 1 golem)
GoHo - GoHo is just another variant of a hog raid, but with the introduction of either 1 or 2 golems to help accomplish the 3 keys to any hog raid: destroying the CC troops, destroying the AQ, and setting off any double giant bombs. The point of goho is to set off difficult to reach giant bombs. Beyond a certain point, some double giant bomb sets (which is what prevents hogs from murdering every base) are so difficult to trip, that it makes more sense to use gowiwi on whatever side of the base they are on and then to hog the rest of the base.

GoWiPe - Golem + Wizard + PEKKA
GoWiWi - Golem + Wizard + Witch
LaLoon/LavaLoon - Lava Hounds, Loons and some times minions
Mass Drag - All Dragons
Mass Witch - All Witches
Shattered LavaLoon - LavaLoonion with two golems