Rules of Engagement

There are some guidelines that new members need to know about; these are how we operate. Please read and follow the following.

Most of us live in the United States, but we have members from around the world and welcome anyone. However, please use only English, because we all know it. If you cannot speak English well, this clan is not for you.

Be active in clan posts. This is how we get to learn about each other. It is also a great way to become a better player, by asking for advice and sharing experiences. Our experienced members have much knowledge; therefore learn from them.

New members need to prove that they want to stay with us, by donating.
Please donate at least once before making any request of your own for troops.

Donate only what is requested, unless the request says 'anything.'

Try to donate as much as you receive. However, we understand that lower level town halls may not have the troops that higher levels request. And because you should only donate what is requested, lower levels may not be able to donate as often as they want. Therefore, we accept that lower levels may not have as high a donation ratio. In these cases, be sure to respond when you can provide what is requested and to 'anything' requests as much as possible.

Because of our earned clan perks, all donations are automatically upgraded by two levels (up to maximum for each troop). For example, if someone donates a level 3 wizard, the recipient gets a level 5. This makes it more likely that a lower TH may be able to donate the level of a troop being requested.


If you want to participate in war, set your Clan Wars setting to I'M IN.

New members are asked to watch at least one war before they will be invited to participate. Therefore, please be patient in waiting to be included in war.

Before joining our wars, share at least one multi-player attack that you make against a comparable opponent. Leaders need to be shown that you are capable in war before you will be invited to participate. You need to gain our confidence.

A great way to learn and become a better warrior is to watch replays of war attacks.

Follow directions given by leaders. Exact opponent assignments are often given. When in doubt, ask. Don't just attack anyone you want, especially if you are a newer member.

While not mandatory, if there is any doubt regarding what attack strategy you should use, or how you should apply it, discuss your concerns on clan chat.

Generally we attack from the bottom up, and lower levels are expected to attack early in the war. This allows higher level members to better determine what bases they need to attack.

When in war, all members are expected to make both attacks. Failing to attack hurts the entire clan and unnecessarily delays higher players from attacking.

If you are upgrading heroes or cannot participate for any other reason, be sure to set your Clan Wars setting to I'M OUT so that you're not put in a war.


Don't even think about asking for a promotion. These are rare and given only to long-term members who have proven a value to the clan by donations, war success, communication, and providing advice to lower town halls. If you have a primary goal of becoming an elder or co-leader, this may not the clan for you.