Installing more than one CoC account on a single iOS device.

Please use these instructions with caution; factory resets remove all personal data on your device. Supercell cannot be held responsible for any loss of data.

To safely restart your device and minimize chances of losing data, I recommend following Apple’s official steps (you will need a computer and iTunes):

1) Connect your device to iTunes and back it up; all of it. To be safe/redundant, back it up too to iCloud.

2) Restore/reset your device back to factory. (Do not use a backup.) The device will boot up as it did from the factory (empty), but if you followed Apple’s handy steps, your stuff will be safely stored on your computer (and on iCloud, if you also backed it up there). This will present you with a ‘new’ phone with nothing on it.

3) When going through your ‘new’ phone set up, create a brand new iTunes/iCloud account. (i.e. AppleID)  * See bottom footnote.

4) Download and install CoC   * See bottom footnote.

5) Open the game and play through the entire tutorial

6) THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT: Delete CoC from the device.  Don’t just close it; delete it entirely.

7) Restore your backup from either your computer or from iCloud.  Tip: from your computer will be much faster.

Let me reiterate step 6 in this process: if you do not delete the app from your device before restoring, then the restore process will leave the app there, associated with your new iTunes/iCloud account, and not actually fully restore your device. Then when you try to sync your device going forward you will get an error from iTunes about the account is not authorized for the content - this includes songs, videos, photos, and your other apps. You won't be able to sync again until after you delete the CoC app.

Note that I’ve done this twice with success, but the second time I did it, the process did not work.  When I logged into GameCenter with my 2nd/new AppleID, I got my original COC base.  I had to try again with yet another new (3rd) AppleID before I got it to work.

After the process it complete, in order to switch between one CoC account and the other, you have to go to GameCenter, log out, then log in with your other AppleID, then go to CoC.  It will ask you 

“LOAD VILLAGE? Do you want to load Chief [other CoC account name] village with Town Hall Level [X]? Warning: progress in the current game will be lost.  <CANCEL> or <LOAD>.  

Hit LOAD.  That’s normal


* I’ve also seen this alternative, but I highly recommend first trying the above.  It could be used if only if you have not already created a new AppleID during “new” phone setup.  The following would be substitute steps in lieu of steps #3 and #4 above:

After your “new” device is up and running, enter the App Store.
Download the game, but DO NOT open it.
If you are using iOS 7.x or later, enter your Settings > Game Center to create a new Apple ID and Game Center account (on older versions, you have to do this within the Game Center app), then launch the game from your new Game Center account.