The priority for any new TH level should be to upgrade your primary attack troop, as quick as possible, to max for your current TH level, before upgrading or laying down any new defenses. (Primary attack troops are probably: TH7 drags, TH8 hogs, TH9 valks, TH10/11 miners.)

Once your offensive power begins pulling heavier opponents, it's time to build your defenses. Otherwise you are simply handicapping your clan for a negligible lighter base. Get your troops upgraded first, then build your defenses.


In the link below, there is a chart of what is currently regarded as the most accurate list of war weights for the various defensive (and offensive) pieces.

Some are obvious, such as the inferno and EA are both through the roof. But others are very interesting. An xbow weighs less than a bomb tower, a wizard tower or mortar. ADs and air sweepers add very little. From a war perspective, mortars and wizard towers are almost prohibitively heavy; while teslas, archer towers and cannons are more attractive in terms of damage-per-second inflicted versus weight.

The witch is by far and away the heaviest troop, and in my opinion, because she isn't used much, should not be 'dropped' (installed) if you can avoid it.

(For a bried discussion of what war weight is, click here.

Please read the following:



Important, regarding xbows. The historical, conventional wisdom has been that they first get built (Lvl 1) when heroes are 15/15, and upgraded when heroes are 20/20 (to Lvl2) and 25/25 (to Lvl3).

But there were some changes to the war matchmaking algorithm a while back that probably affected this.

Consequently, there is a current trend to say that if your war attack troops are upgraded and you have reasonable heroes, say 10/10, then you might as well drop in xbows because your attack gets marginally stronger with each hero upgrade, but it takes ages. Meantime, you can't defend much without xbows.

So if you have valks 4, hogs 5, and golems 4, even if your heroes aren't big, maybe you should go ahead and drop in xbows because you will draw in a max TH9 against you in war and need xbows to defend.

The other related theory is that the big increase in war weight comes when xbows originally go in. Upgrades, however, seem to increase war weight at a marginal rate. So if you are going to have them, you might as well have Lvl 3 to maximize defense.

Adopting this theory, someone like Thug, who has his offense up and decent heroes and knows how to use them, might as well have Lvl 3 xbows.

While it appears there are just marginal increases in war weight with Lvl3 xbows, new TH9s should still get golems4/valks4/heroes 10-10 before dropping xbows.


The following is not necessarily the best advice or even totally correct. They simply represent others' advice that may be helpful. It at least gives you something to think about before you start jumping ahead without much planning.

One website: TH8.5

And the following:

So you think you're ready to tackle TH9? Then come and let's take a closer look. This guide is meant to serve as a handbook for how you can proceed along your path as an early th9 into the later stages of development.

Before proceeding to Th9 go through this checklist to make sure you're ready to go. Have you:
• Finished getting all defenses up to TH8 level?
• Finished your lab upgrades? (Yes, even Golems and Valks)
• Gotten your Barbarian King Level 10?
• Finished all walls up to Level 8?
If you answered no to any of these questions, you're not ready for Th9. Plain and simple, TH9 is a completely different ballgame, and there is too much to upgrade and not enough builders, nor time. You need to hit the ground running to maximize your efforts, and not completing these steps will only put you in a disadvantage.

Once you have completed the above steps and you've started your TH upgrade, now is the time to max out your storages. When the TH upgrade finishes you will be able to immediately begin on your offensive upgrades in order to get up to speed as soon as possible.

There are many schools of thought on how to proceed with your upgrades, and how you should map this out. We recommend starting the uprades in the following order:

Step 1:
• Archer Queen - She is both the strongest unit in your army, and the strongest defense in your village. If you farmed enough Dark Elixir during your TH upgrade, you can both do level 1 and level 2 right away to get a head start.

• Clan Castle - This should be the first Gold upgrade that you make when your TH finishes. This will allow you to request for Golems and Hounds

• Spell Factory - The extra spell is huge and limiting your downtime with this is of upmost importance.

• Lab - You'll want to take care of this next so you can start upgrading your troops right away. See below for Lab Upgrade Order.

• Army Camps - This is where you will separate yourself from the TH8's. Once you have the full 220 army capacity, you will truly start to be able to attack other TH9's successfully in war. 

• Dark Barracks - Unlocking Witches and Hounds will be a high priority when considering your ability to 3-star your opponents bases in war

• Dark Spell Factory - Haste can be quite useful with certain army compisitions, especially LaLoon. Do not neglect this upgrade.

• Traps - Build all of your new traps, and if you haven't already, max out every trap to TH9 level. Having the ability to use two Double Giant Bombs is vital for defense in war. The additional Air Traps will also aid in making you more difficult to attack in war.

• All New Defenses Built - Build all of your newly available defenses and get them up to TH8 level as soon as possible. The exception to this is your Xbows. Please read below in Step 3 for the guide on that.

• New Non-Defensive Buildings - Build these buildings (i.e. storages, collectors and de drills) and get them up to TH9-level.

From here, it is really dependent on the individual player, and how fast you acclimate all of the new attack strategies and expectations of being a TH 9. At this point, you may say to yourself, "SELF! I have just completed all of my elixir buildings and now it's time to drop my xbows. Look they're so shiny!" WRONG!!!

This is only the second phase of being an 8.5, where you let things slow down, and you learn. Get comfortable with your new troops and understand what it takes to get 3 stars on your opponents' bases. In this stage, the most important part is figuring out which strategies work for the best situations and how you can be an asset to your clan in war. 

Step 2:
• Lab Upgrades - We recommend that you prioritize your war troops and spells first, primarily Hogs, Heal Spell, Witches, Golems, Balloons and Hounds. From there, upgrade the troops you farm with the most.

• Walls - Any excess gold and elixir should be funneled directly into walls during this period. 

• Heroes - Focus your farming efforts on bases that specifically have high amounts of Dark Elixir. Your Heroes need to be your top priority as an 8.5 as they will allow you to attack higher, and comfortably 3-star bases at or below your level. 
For some players, they may be comfortable to move on from here to the next stage when their heroes are 10/10. Others may take longer and stay here until they are at 15/15 or even higher, however the point remains the same. You should remain here until you have an understanding of the basics of 3-starring TH 9's and you are comfortable taking on more and more challenging bases. There is no reason to rush this period nor feel pressured into increasing your war weight before you are ready to tackle a higher opponent. What we look for is members who can 3 star their own war weight confidently and comfortably before moving on any further from here. This is where you will see the highest level of growth during your development as a Th9. 

The next phase is also the last phase of your evolution into a full TH9. Yes, now is when you get to start focusing on your defenses. I fear that some who read this guide will skip to this step before they are ready, however, Grasshopper, I commend you on your patience and discipline. 

Step 3:
• Xbow (Phase 1) - Once you have satisfied your ability to 3 star your th9 opponents at or below your war weight with confidence, we recommend building your Xbows to level 1 only once you reach 10/10 with your heroes, at minimum.

• Air Defenses - Getting these to Level 7 will all but eliminate any successful dragon raids against you. It will also hamper the effectiveness of any LaLoon attacks as well.

• Wizard Towers - If you are getting attacked by a LaLoon army these will be your next most-powerful defense against your attacker.

• Hidden Teslas - These are the highest dps point defensive building in the game, and worth the 12 day upgrade for how much they provide in defense against both air and ground troops.

• Archer Towers - These quick firing defenses have 2 upgrades at th9. Be patient here as they will serve you well going forward.

• Mortars - Though they are a lower priority at TH9, their splash damage still carries value when facing low hp units, especially witches.

• Cannons - Since these defenses only target ground troops and only target one unit at a time they are a low priority in your defensive building upgrade order.

• Air Sweeper - When positioned correctly, the can single-handedly ruin an air raid. They are still a lower priority than other defenses as far as getting them upgraded, but they are still important to the success of your base, nonetheless.

• Xbow (Phase 2) - These are worth upgrading if you feel like you are ready to climb up in the war map and face higher opponents. Since these defenses carry the highest weight for th9, they will certainly impact where you stand in your clan compared to the rest of your th9's. While I included them last on this list, when they are upgraded is going to be a subjective choice. A good standard to follow is once your heroes reach 15/15 go up to level 2, and when they are 20/20 up to level 3.

If at this point you still have hero upgrades and/or walls to finish do not hesitate to get them upgraded before moving on to TH10. Like when you transitioned from TH8 to TH9, you don't want to short-change yourself at this point of the game.